She, together with Jay, Michaela, and often will, are switched over on the brand new Ikabula group as soon as the Tribe turn, and had been joined by Takali customers Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

Any time Ikabula reduced immunity, Michaela recommended that they divide their unique ballots between Bret and Sunday, and vote on Bret through the revote. Hannah and Michaela elected for Bret, but Jay and may signed up with Bret and Sunday in blindsiding Michaela.

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Returning from Tribal Council, Hannah is angry about getting away from the program. The merge taken place 24 hours later. She regrouped with many other Vanua allies Adam and Zeke. Will claimed resistance. The plan would be to blindside Michelle. But once a paranoid Adam moving talking to Taylor, Hannah thought about voting down Adam for being untrustworthy, but at Tribal Council, she accompanied many in blindsiding Michelle. From the subsequent Tribal Council, she served this model association divide her votes between Taylor and Jay, and Taylor is chosen away. On morning 28, Hannah and Zeke are noticed in the middle between the Takali alignment that focused Jessica Brown, and David Wright’s association exactly who targeted Chris Hammons. They sided making use of the second alignment, blindsiding Chris.

Following your upcoming prize challenges, Hannah informed David about Zeke’s prefer to lose him or her, and she proceeded to register David’s Vinaka Alliance. Before Tribal Council, Zeke chatted to Hannah about his or Montgomery escort reviews her plan; after she would be noticeably reluctant to capture against David, Zeke made a decision to aim them instead. Hannah tried recruiting Adam to participate in her, David, Jessica, and Ken McNickle, and force a tie. At Tribal Council, them association chosen for Zeke while Zeke’s Vinaka Alliance chosen to be with her which concluded in a 5-5 link between her and Zeke. The revote ended in a 4-4 wrap between them and Zeke. Nobody would changes their votes, so then a rock design Tiebreaker taken place wherein Jessica was gotten rid of by choosing the unfortunate stone.

They made an appearance Hannah’s alignment was at the minority. The day after, Hannah achieved them mommy Liz at family and friends obstacle. Adam obtained immunity.

At summer camp, Hannah mentioned she believed she would be the goal. At Tribal Council, Adam played a Hidden Immunity Idol on the, but best negated four ballots as may flipped to them alliance so Zeke ended up being blindsided. At the next Tribal Council, Hannah enrolled with most in blindsiding Will. Ken acquired resistance right at the closing seven. At summer camp, Hannah decided to target Sunday to obstruct the woman alignment members from getting the woman on the video game as a perceived effortless adversary in jury vote. This model strategy worked as Sunday am blindsided.

David obtained resistance on week 36. Jay spoke to Hannah and David about blindsiding Bret, but at Tribal Council, Hannah enrolled with Ken, David, Adam, and Bret in blindsiding Jay. Ken claimed resistance on morning 37. Hannah, David, and Ken affirmed the company’s last three bargain and made a decision to desired Adam for being a bigger hazard than Bret to acquire the final challenges. Adam then explained Hannah about their brand-new idol and decide to get rid of David, but Hannah assured David and Ken. At Tribal Council, Adam starred the idol on themselves, but Hannah, David, and Ken elected against Bret to send him or her within the jury.

Back once again at summer camp, an annoyed Adam informed Hannah that when David made it for the closing Tribal Council, he’d acquire the action; though she had over repeatedly free David, she conformed with Adam and promised to vote against David your next night. On time 38, Ken conquered Hannah to winnings the last resistance problem. At team, Hannah spoke to Ken about doing away with David. At Tribal Council, Ken enrolled with Hannah and Adam in voting out David.

At Final Tribal Council, Hannah and Adam combated over proper judgements, and she am criticise for foiling earlier wants to get rid of David. Hannah in the long run had become the co-runner up associated with the period using Ken, getting rid of to Adam in a unanimous 10-0-0 jury vote.

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